Outsourced Solutions

Modal has partnered with Interdev Systems ( to develop outsourced solutions for the Oil Industry. No infrastructure is required at your site, only a simple connection to the Internet. You can literally do your business from your cell-phone, tablet or laptop, wherever and whenever it is suitable to do so! Our outsourced solution can be structured to your requirements and can cater for new entrants (who may not have any systems at all) to established trading partners (where we take a feed of data from their system). Our solution covers Customer sales, Movements, EDI as well as Invoicing, printing and reconciliation. See our solution at

Process Design

At Modal we understand that the business process is at the heart of all solutions. A clearly and well defined business process eliminates risk (Oil is a valuable commodity) and allows us to have control points which can be regularly monitored to ensure the health of your business. We design end-to-end processes for new depot set-ups; stock control; gantry loading processes; stock reconciliation etc. We have proven experience in all contract types, i.e. Buy-Sell, Throughput and Borrow Loan.

We also offer EDI Training and host the current standards and compliance documentation for the Industry.


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